American Horror Story 5×08-The Ten Commandments Killer episode stills

I’ve added HQ episode stills (thanks to of Evan in the upcoming American Horror Story episode “The Ten Commandments Killer” you can view them by clicking on the thumbnails below, enjoy!


Public Appearances update

I’ve finally added HQ Images of Evan and his many public apperances over the years onto the gallery,enjoy viewing them!

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American Horror Story Murder House screencaps

I’ve added HQ screencaps of Evan in the first season of American Horror Story entilted“Murder House” which he played the role of Tate Langdon, you can view the HQ caps in our gallery and by clicking the thumbs below!


X-Men:Days of Future Past screencaps

Thanks to my lovely friend Elise I’ve been able to get HD Screencaps from Evan in X-Men Days of Future Past playing the role of Peter/Quicksilver. Enjoy 🙂



I’ve been able to add HQ Photoshoots of Evan to our gallery you can view the Photoshoot’s by clicking the pictures below this,enjoy!:)


First look of American Horror Story

I have added images of Evan shown in the first look of American Horror Story to the galley, enjoy!

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American Horror Story>Season 5>First look of Hotel

Evan Interviewed by Nylon!

Evan shared a video on his twitter of him being interviewed by Nylon Magazine, I will add screencaptures to our Gallery when I can!


American Horror Story Hotel Trailer!

Finally! We have got a brand new trailer for the upcoming season of American Horror Story ‘Hotel’ which premiers on October 7th!

American Horror Story Season 5 Promotional Image!

Entertainment Weekly have released a promotional Image of Evan in American Horror Story Season 5 Hotel! He will be playing the character of James March! American Horror Story will be airing on October 7th!

He also has a little talk in the interview:

Like other seasons, AHS: Hotel’s time-frame bounces around, including flashbacks to the murderous Mr. March. “He’s the builder and owner of the hotel from the 1930s, and he is unique,” says Peters. “He’s designed a hotel to cater to his specific needs, which tend toward the dark evil.”


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