“Kick ass” – Screen Captures

I’ve added HD screencaptures of Evan in the hit Kick Ass film where he plays the role of “Todd” enjoy viewing them!

X-Men: Apocalypse | Super Bowl TV Commercial

A new trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse Evan was shown in one scene sadly but still,enjoy!

Happy Birthday Evan Peters!

Today is Evan’s 29th birthday, from all the staff on Evan Peters Online we’d just like to wish you a very happy birthday and hope you have a wonderful day and eat lots of cake!:)<3


5×12- Be Our Guest screencaptures

I’ve added HD Screencaps of Evan in the finale of AHS Hotel to our gallery,enjoy!

Elvis & Nixon Trailer

A trailer has been released for Evan’s upcoming movie Elvis & Nixon Trailer,enjoy!

5×11 – “Battle Royale” Screen Captures

I have added HD screencaps of Evan in the latest AHS episode,enjoy viewing them!

American Horror Story: Hotel – Next On Be Our Guest

A trailer has been released for the finale of AHS Hotel entitled “Be Our Guest” enjoy viewing it!

Public Appearances: AHS Hotel Press Conference

Back in October Evan attended a press event for the brand new season of American Horror Story, I’ve finally got my hands on some HQ Images!

American Horror Story:5×10-She Gets Revenge Screencaps

I’ve added HD Screencaptures of Evan in the latest AHS episode “She Gets Revenge” sorry for the wait.

X-Men:Apocalypse Still

We have finally got a new still of Evan in the upcoming X-Men movie, sadly there isn’t that much but you can enjoy this one for now!


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